1) The Manufacture of Consent 2:12 – MP3!
2) Sonny's Song 5:37 – MP3!
3) Ask Me How 2:59
4) Put One in His Brain 3:11
5) The One–Oh–Seven 1:14
6) The Cheka's Cellar 1:50
7) Crabmeat Shag 3:20 – MP3!
8) Drop Channel 3:43
9) Only the Dust Moans 4:09
10) Take a Picture–It'll Last Longer 14:14

Produced by Roger Kleier

Roger Kleier: All guitars on all tracks
Annie Gosfield: Keyboards on 1 through 9
Kato Hideki: Electric bass on 3, 7
Reuben Radding: Contrabass on 2, 8
Christine Bard: Drums & Percussion on 2, 3, 7, 8
Samm Bennett: Drums & Percussion on 4

Rift CD18
Rift Records
P.O. Box 663
New York, N. Y. 10002




artwork by Roger Kleier



"Kleier has played with a lot of big avant–underground names, including Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp, Carl Stone, Stan Ridgway, and others. Those names somehow automatically pigeonhole him, which isn't altogether fair. Yes, a number of these compositions have a NY–underground feel, that combination of jazzy technicality and No Wave or rock–inspired intensity. But others, like Only the Dust Moans are unusual: that one is an ambient piece constructed of overlapping guitar tones and chimings, with minimal keyboards supplied by Annie Gosfield. Kato Hideki's bass guesting on Crabmeat Shag makes a highlight here, as do Christine Bard's strong drumming and Kleier's intricate guitar breaks. Take a Picture––It'll Last Longer is the final track, a sprawling fourteen minute piece that's the only truly solo performance on the CD. Recorded live, it moves from a fairly harsh opening to calmer plucking and scraping sounds, then through strumming into nicely interwoven feedback tones, and odd, ultra–vibratoed notes. An impressive work to conclude an intriguing CD."

– Mason Jones

© 2000-2005 Roger Kleier
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